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How much does it cost to become a member?
The cost for complete access to the OnlineSurveyCash member's area is a one-time only fee of just $39.99. This is a one (1) time cost. We do not charge a monthly fee and you will never be re-billed. All you will ever pay is just $39.99 for instant access to our member's area.

How will I access your member's area?
Our entire program is available to you online through our "Members Login" password-protected section. You will have complete access to our member's area, which is viewed entirely online and requires no special software. Once you sign up for our program, you will receive a unique username and password which will allow you to gain instant unlimited access to our member's area. You can then view our member's area online or print out any information you like for your convenience. It's fast, simple and easy to use! And best of all, no special software is required.

Do you offer a guarantee?
Absolutely! If you don't pay for your membership ($39.99) within 90 days of participating in paid surveys, we will refund your entire purchase price. All it takes is just one or two surveys, a willing attitude and a few minutes of your time to pay for itself - so please just give it a chance and we know you'll be pleasantly surprised.

What name will appear on my credit card statement?
Your credit card will be discretely billed as "Clickbank" which is the name of the company we use to process our payment transactions.

What other payment options do you offer besides credit cards?
In addition to all major credit cards, you can also make payment using a debit card, Paypal, Western Union, or by sending us cash or money order through the mail.

What are online surveys?
Online surveys are surveys conducted online and they are very easy to do. These surveys are generated by marketing research companies and are intended to gather your opinions about a particular product or service. The marketing companies take the information you provide them and pass that information on to the particular company that has hired them to perform the survey.

What are focus groups?
A focus group is simply a small group of consumers (and a moderator) that is gathered together to discuss a particular topic, product or service. Participants are free to express their opinions about the product with one another, and the moderator takes note of the opinions expressed during the discussion and passes that information on to the particular company that has hired them to perform the survey. Focus groups are generally held over the phone (conference calls) or in private online chat rooms.

How long does a survey take to complete?
The typical survey takes only 15 - 25 minutes to complete, depending on the speed of your answers. In general, the longer a survey takes to complete, the more money you will make as a result.

How many surveys can I do in one day?
This will depend entirely on you. There is no limit to the number of surveys you can participate in on any given day. Of course, from a financial standpoint, we recommend that you focus your efforts on the surveys which offer the highest payouts for the least amount of time and effort.

How do I get paid?
As mentioned earlier, you are compensated for your survey participation by the research company that is performing the survey. We are not affiliated with any of the research companies in our database and we do not send out any payments. Once again, all payments and compensation are made directly to you by the research company that is performing the survey.

How long does it take to receive a check in the mail?
This will vary depending on the research company that is conducting the survey. Considering that we our database catalogues over 400 different sources for paid survey participation, you will need to check with the research company you're using at the time if this is a concern for you.

Do you (OnlineSurveyCash) send us surveys?
No, we do not send out or conduct surveys. All surveys are conducted by the market research companies. Our role is simply to maintain an accurate, comprehensive database of these companies which you can choose to work with.

How many research companies are in your database?
At the present time, we have over 400 approved market research companies catalogued in our database at your disposal. We maintain an accurate, comprehensive database of research companies which you can choose to work with, and we revise our database periodically as needed with new additions and revisions. All companies listed in our database have been approved by the OnlineSurveyCash staff and meet our stringent service and payment requirements.

Are these research companies legitimate?
Yes, the companies listed in our database have been approved by our staff and are legitimate marketing research companies. We screen all research companies for legitimacy, since our reputation is on the line for recommending these companies. This is the difference between OnlineSurveyCash and other copy-cat sites.

Do I have to report my earnings?
We recommend that you consult with an accountant or tax professional in your area to determine whether or not your earnings are subject to income tax.

I do not live in the USA - can I still participate in these surveys?
Yes, absolutely. We have many international market research companies listed in our database which accept participants from any part of the world.

Remember, you will receive instant access to our member's area, so you can begin making money immediately. And with your username and password, you can check back as often as you wish and from any computer in the world which has an internet connection.

So what are you waiting for? You can have access to our entire member's area instantly, using your credit card on our secure servers or your Paypal account.

Remember, if you're searching for an exciting and highly profitable way to make money from home, and you enjoy having fun and sharing your opinion with others, then this is the perfect home or part-time business for you.

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